Sekretariat for Dansk CancerBiobank

Herlev Hospital
Herlev Ringvej 75
2730 Herlev
Telefon: 3868 9132 (kl. 10-12)

About us

The Danish Cancer Biobank is a national cooperation between hospital departments handling tissue and blood samples from patients diagnosed with cancer. The specialist personnel at the Danish Cancer Biobank are all hospital staff, including pathologists, molecular biologists, nurses, technicians, biologists secretaries, etc.

The collaboration is nationwide with center functions at Aalborg University Hospital, Aahus University Hospital, Herlev Hospital, Næstved Sygehus, Odense University Hospital and University Hospital Rigshospitalet. The Secretariat of Danish Cancer Biobank is located at the department of pathology, Herlev Hospital. The Secretariat maintains overall administrative tasks and is also responsible for updating the Danish Cancer Biobank homepage.

The Danish Cancer Biobank is funded by Danske Regioner, and by the Hospitals where specimen collection is taking place.

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