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Research for the benefit of future patients

Information for patients about storage of samples in the Danish Cancer Biobank

The Danish Cancer Biobank stores blood and tissue samples from Danish patients with a possible cancer diagnosis. Specimens from the Biobank will be used for cancer research. Your blood and tissue samples are of great importance for researchers working on developing new diagnostics methods and novel treatments for the benefit of future patients.

Blood samples for the Danish Cancer Biobank are collected along with other blood tests. Tissue samples are taken from the material removed during surgery, but only if there is anything leftover after routine investigations.

We record and store the samples by approval from the Danish Data Protection Agency, and we treat personal information with utmost confidentiality. When the Biobank provide issues samples from the Biobank for research, each research project must be approved by the Research Ethics Committee and the Danish Data Protection Agency.

Your participation is optional, and your choice will in no way affect your current or future treatment. If you choose to participate and later change your mind, you can withdraw your consent at any time and with immediate effect, without giving a reason.

We kindly ask you to decide whether you allow us to store your blood and tissue samples in the Danish Cancer Biobank by completing and signing the enclosed consent form regarding storage of blood and tissue.

If you later regret your consent, please make sure that your decision is recorded in the Register for Application of Tissue (Vævsanvendelsesregisteret). You can do this by filling out the form "Dit væv, dit valg", which must be sent to the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s Register for Application of Tissue.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information and for taking a position on the Biobank.


The Danish Cancer Biobank staff

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